Barry Scherr


Reed 211A
HB 6085
B.A. Harvard University
M.A. University of Chicago
Ph.D. University of Chicago

Selected publications

Poetry and Poetics:  A Centennial Tribute to Kiril Taranovsky.  Edited by Barry P. Scherr, James Bailey and Vida T. Johnson.   Bloomington, IN:  Slavica, 2014.  Pp. xiii + 425. Includes the article: Barry Scherr, “Taranovsky’s Laws: Further Observations from a Comparative Perspective,” pp. 343-63.

 “The Topography of Terror:  The Real and Imagined City in Dostoevsky’s BesyDostoevsky Studies, 18 (2014), 59-85.

“Reshaping the Past:  Gorky’s Reminiscences of Korolenko.”  The Russian Review, 73 (2014), no. 4, 532-49.

 “Mikropolimetriia Eleny Shvarts” [The Micro-Polymetrical Verse of Elena Shvarts].  In Slavianskii stikh, IX. Ed. T. V. Skulacheva et al.  Moscow:  Rukopisnye pamiatniki Drevnei Rusi, 2012.  Pp. 105–16.

 “An Odessa Odyssey:  Vladimir Jabotinsky’s The Five.”  Slavic Review, 70 (2011), no. 1, 94–115.

Formal Methods in Poetics:  A Collection of Scholarly Works Dedicated to the Memory of Professor M. A. Krasnoperova.  Edited by Barry P. Scherr, James Bailey and Evgeny V. Kazartsev.  Lüdenscheid, Germany:  RAM-Verlag, 2011.  Pp. xi + 315.  Includes the article: Barry Scherr,“Tarkovskii’s Sonnets,“  pp. 124-43.

“Čukovskij's Whitmans,” Russian Literature, 66 (2009), no. 1, 65-98.

The Shining World: Exploring Aleksandr Grin's “Grinlandia”, by Barry P. Scherr and Nicholas Luker, with the collaboration of Simon Ellis.  Nottingham:  Astra Press, 2007. xviii + 189 pp.

Eisenstein at 100:  A Reconsideration.  Edited by Al LaValley and Barry P. Scherr.  New Brunswick, NJ:  Rutgers University Press, 2001. ix + 318 pp. Includes the article: Barry Scherr, “Alexander Nevsky:  Film without a Hero,”  pp. 207-26.

Maksim Gorky:  Selected Letters.  Edited, translated, and commentary by Andrew Barratt and Barry P. Scherr.  Oxford:  Clarendon Press, 1997.  xxvi + 391 pp.

Russian Poetry:  Meter, Rhythm, and Rhyme.  Berkeley:  University of Cali­fornia Press, 1986.  xvi + 366 pp.